Solutions Packages


Single source, total acquisition solutions, equipment, kitting and logistics for all of your

national security, expeditionary, humanitarian and medical requirements

Regulus Global PPE Delivery

Casualty Evacuation Deployment Solution

Mobile Remote Advanced Medical Monitoring Solution

Regulus Global Administration & PPE Set

Regulus Global Airway Set

Regulus Global Bandage Set

Regulus Global Blood Transfusion Set

Regulus Global CSS Set

Regulus Global Exam Visual Set

Regulus Global Hypo Set

Regulus Global IV Pharma Set

Regulus Global IV/IO Set

Regulus Global OR Procedure Set

Regulus Global Pharma Set

Regulus Global Splint Set

Regulus Global Storage Set

Regulus Global Surgical Set

Regulus Global Trauma Set

Regulus Global Ward Set

Regulus Global Disaster Solution Packages

Modular Austere Battalion Resuscitation Set

Scalable Mobile Hospital & Clinic Solutions

Modular Group Risk Analyzer

Deployable X-Ray Test Kit

Deployable Fluke Defib Analyzer Kit

Regulus Global PPE Delivery

First Responder Ruggedized Vision Emergency System RG-OSP-004-D

First Responder Ruggedized Oral Emergency System

Trauma Refill Set

Operational capability, delivered


Single-source solution. Unrivaled reach and expertise

Mobile Loading Repair Solution

Aircraft Mobile De-Icer Solution Kit

Mobile Remote Range Operations & Training Solution Mode 4

Spec Ops Low/Vis Field Deployment Calibration System

Deployable Electrical Verification Set in Custom Hardened Case (Europe)

Deployable Electrical Verification Set in Custom Hardened Case (North America)

AN/PRC-148 Battery & Charger Kit

Individual Field Bag

Display System & TNR

Ballistic Helmet Set

Systems Poncho

Portable Water Purification System

Body Armor