Enabling Global Capabilities


Regulus Global Team

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Over the last decade, Regulus Global has grown from a three-person organization to a thriving international team of veterans, industry professionals, and global acquisition experts who understand national security, medical and humanitarian requirements.

Named after the brightest star in the Leo constellation, Regulus Global shines bright, enabling capabilities uniquely matched to the mission need. From our Virginia Beach, Va.-based company to our subsidiaries in Mexico and Brazil, we’re proud to meet our customers’ mission needs, wherever they are.

Mission Statement

To be the capability enabler of choice by meeting medical, humanitarian and national security mission needs from inception to implementation and sustainment, wherever our customers are.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

We partner with global defense, law enforcement, medical and humanitarian agencies and organizations to guide their capability development and provide a total solution to fully meet the mission needs.

We understand the nuances of customs, cultures, communications, currency, and overall export complications – that is evident in the work we do.

How we Solve

Streamlined Global Acquisition

Equipment & Capabilities

  • C5ISR (Equipment & Software Integration)
  • Expeditionary (FOB Design/Build/Maintain)
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Maritime & Diving Program Solutions
  • Medical Solution & Supplies
  • Weapons Systems
  • Port Security (Video/Thermal/Analysis)
  • Robotics & UAVs
  • Special Missions (CWMD/CBRNe/EOD)
  • Tactical & OCIE

Procurement & Programs

  • Rapid Responsiveness & Fielding Capabilities
  • Global Reach & Geopolitical Expertise
  • Broad Spectrum Capabilities
  • Contract Expertise: FMS TLS, GSA, FEDMALL
  • Optimal Solution & Best Value Advisement
  • Capability Development Support
  • In-Country Partnerships & Personnel
  • CONUS & OCONUS Materiel Acquisition
  • Global Logistics & Export Compliance Expertise

Support & Logistics

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Research & Development
  • Total Asset Visibility
  • Discreet & Frontier Logistics Support
  • Non-Standard, Precision Aerial Delivery
  • Systems Integration, Kitting, & Assembly
  • Packaging & Engineering
  • Corporate Export Services
  • Worldwide Warehousing & Transportation
  • Energy Solutions & Fuel Supply
Support & Logistics