Why Regulus Global

Our Methodology:

Take the risk out of the mission

From start to finish – Regulus provides the requirements analysis, emerging technologies, equipment, and scalability to meet the critical needs of organizations and agencies worldwide.

With rapid responsiveness and understanding of culture, customs and currency, Regulus addresses risk management early on. We provide stakeholders increased confidence in mission success through robust generation of force elements, including readiness, training and performance.

National Security & Defense

Transforming the end-to-end lifecycle, Regulus works to understand the mission and then provides the analysis...

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Humanitarian & Disaster Response

Whether addressing potential crises in advance or responding to emergent needs, Regulus Global provides innovative...

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Regulus U.S. Defense

Regulus Global brings a depth of experience in providing mission critical solutions to the National Defense and Security market.

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Innovation & Design

Innovation is the soul of Regulus Global. Our passion is driven by the need to provide the most nimble, effective and advanced...

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Kristy Dimier

I’ve been working in the Compliance department for 9 years and everyday is a new adventure in a different country. Breaking the cultural and language barriers to provide solutions to worldwide issues, while constantly working towards the highest level of compliance possible.

Kristy Dimier

Chief Compliance Officer

Shannon Braithwaite

I’ve been with Regulus Global for 8 years now and I’m still learning something new every day. I love being a part of the fast-paced environment where teamwork and attention to detail are a must. It’s always fulfilling to provide a full solution package to meet critical needs of end users all over the world.

Shannon Braithwaite

Deputy Director, Program Management

Ray Gonzalez

At Regulus, I have the privilege to work with professional, focused and dedicated people who work as a team. A team that strives to provide the best service and dynamic global solutions in the industry. A team that always strives to improve: ‘Amateurs train until they get it right. Professionals train until they can’t get it wrong.’

Ray Gonzalez

Deputy Director, Sales

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Regulus Global Recognized with Export Achievement Certificate from U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Regulus Global announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce honored the company with an Export Achievement Certificate at a ceremony held at The MacArthur Memorial  Visitors Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

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Regulus Global Expands Operations in Colombia with American Tactical New Partner American Tactical Increases Presence in the Region

Regulus Global announced today that it is expanding operations through a new partner, American Tactical, to increase its presence in the Colombian region.

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Regulus Global Awarded Medical Tailored Logistics Support Contract Worth $516 Million

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., (May 5, 2021) – The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) awarded Regulus Global a shared $516,953,713 firm-fixed price,

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Regulus Global Earns Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Award for Local COVID-19 Support

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., (April 6, 2021) – Regulus Global has been recognized with the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Honorable Mention award,

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Enabling rapid response solutions and overcoming acquisition challenges



Experience operating in 70+ nations
Broad portfolio and product availability
Total package approach


In-depth understanding of disaster preparedness
Rapid deployments end user requirements and import/export compliance


On-demand solutions
Nimble, experienced team
Rapid fielding expertise any mission, anywhere

International Defense

Global Reach

Regulus Global enables the capabilities of our international partners through more than 85 years of combined national security and defense market experience. Operating in more than 70 countries, our value is agility. We work with our customers to provide innovative solutions—scalable by:


  • Capability
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Exportability
  • Maintainability
  • Acquisition Route

What Makes Us Different?

Innovation & Design

Innovation is the soul of Regulus Global. Our passion is driven by the need to provide the most nimble, effective and advanced solutions to ensure our customers’ ability to be mission ready.

In truth, “Time is of the essence”

From hurricane preparedness and humanitarian response to national security needs, Regulus is ready to respond to the mission need. Not only with much-needed supplies in times of need but also training and specialized in-country support.

Who we work with

  • U.S. Security Assistance Agencie
  • Foreign Partners
  • Industry Partners