We Understand Your Requirements

Operating in more than 70 countries, Regulus Global offers an experienced team of veterans, industry professionals, and international acquisition experts who understand security, medical and humanitarian requirements.

From hurricane preparedness to pandemic response to security concerns, we partner with global defense, national security and medical agencies and organizations to provide a total solution for the most challenging mission needs.

Contract Vehicles

Through direct contracting or U.S. Security Assistance programs and funding, count on Regulus Global to provide the critical insight and capabilities needed on time, every step of the way. Regulus Global opens up access to the global economy for our shared industrial base, utilizing any of the following contract methods:

  • DLA FMS Tailored Logistics Support
  • DEA
  • GSA Schedule
  • FedMall/eMall Contract
  • Localized Equipment Accessing U.S. funding through U.S. Security Assistance Funding (FMS, 333, PfP, EDI)
  • Government Contracts & Purchase Orders
  • Government Purchase Cards
Trauma Refill Set
Our Methodology: Take the Risk out of the Mission

Our Methodology: Take the Risk out of the Mission

From start to finish – Regulus provides the requirements analysis, emerging technologies, equipment, and scalability to meet the critical needs of organizations and agencies worldwide.

With nimble expertise and awareness of culture, customs and currency, Regulus addresses risk management early on. This provides stakeholders confidence in mission success through robust generation of force elements, including readiness, training and performance.

What Does Impact the World Mean?

Regulus Global is a leader in innovative design that enables capability from inception to sustainment.

Through early engagement with stakeholders, Regulus focuses its experience to analyze, define and structure the requirements that drive the capability development process. From there, Regulus accompanies the customer throughout the development phase – from initial fielding to sustainment and enhancement of service.

Transforming the end-to-end lifecycle, Regulus supports organizations, businesses and government agencies worldwide with its systems design, development and execution expertise.