Regulus U.S. Defense

U.S. Military and National Security Expertise

Regulus Global brings a depth of experience in providing mission critical solutions to the National Defense and Security market. As a capability enabler, Regulus focuses its experience to analyze, define and structure the requirements that drive the capability development process.

Our Value:

  • Industry experience and DoD provider
  • Agile single source solutions provider
  • Product subject matter experts
  • Rapid responsiveness
  • Contract agnostic solutions
  • Acquisition routing strategies
  • Supply chain management

Proven Experience:

  • Delivering mission critical equipment and services
  • Innovation & design solutions staff
  • In-house logistics and export compliance team
  • ITAR
  • EAR
Regulus U.S. Defense

Regulus mitigates risk throughout the development phase – from the initial fielding to sustainment and enhancement of service. By leveraging our industry partnerships across a variety of product markets we are able to design a tailored, single source package with a relentless focus on solving your mission needs.


Who we work with

Our team provides the expertise and guidance to address your mission needs, while simplifying the acquisition process and managing the supply chain as a single source solutions provider. We take pride in the trust and strength of our relationships with our clients and teammates.

  • U.S. DoD
  • Department of State
  • Federal Agencies
  • State/Local Law Enforcement
  • Defense Contractors

Integrated Solutions

Regulus Global’s Integrated Solutions Division’s mission is to be a sourcing center of excellence for customer needs while maintaining and growing strategic relationships with our industry partners.