Will Somerindyke


Will Somerindyke, Regulus Global


Will Somerindyke serves as Chairman of Regulus Global. Over the last decade, Mr. Somerindyke has grown Regulus Global from a three-person organization to a thriving team of veterans, industry professionals, and global acquisition experts who understand national security, defense, medical and humanitarian requirements.

Steeped in international experience, Mr. Somerindyke founded Regulus Global to enable the capabilities of governments, organizations and agencies by understanding their mission needs and providing integrated systems implementation. Understanding the nuances of customs, cultures, communications, currency, and overall export complications, Mr. Somerindyke has expanded Regulus Global’s operations from its Virginia Beach, Va.-based headquarters to its subsidiaries in Mexico and Brazil.

Before establishing Regulus Global, Mr. Somerindyke worked as an advisor for a Virginia-based defense contractor. His introduction to the defense industry was as a part owner of a national security entity in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2007. Prior to his time in Africa, Mr. Somerindyke founded a media company; ran the business side of a sports franchise; and worked in the financial industry at Merrill Lynch.

Mr. Somerindyke serves on the board of Magna Imperio Systems. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Christopher Newport University. In his free time, he plays baseball, runs the local baseball league, and spends time in Virginia Beach, Va. with his wife, three children and two dogs.